About Me…


I’m an 18 year old aspiring writer from the south coast of England, with a lot to say and a passion for moaning about everything. Procrastination is second nature too me and I enjoy Malibu a little too much. I’m a first year University student, studying Creative Writing and Media, living at home and socializing as little as possible.

On this blog, you’ll find that I basically moan about things that I find annoying, things that I think are wrong and things that I think need to change. I’ll also blog about things that make me happy (yes, that is possible), things that I love and things that i think are interesting. This is also the perfect way for me to procrastinate, so yay for me! *clinks two glasses of champagne and drinks both*

So yeah, I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internet. If not, that’s cool too.

Be nice. Don’t eat yellow snow.



Above is a picture of Whale Chine. It’s a beautiful place, right at the bottom point of the Isle of White, which I discovered by accident after an argument with my best friend. And it was beautiful, and quiet. Not a soul in sight. Since then, it’s been my happy place. I can’t think of any place that’s ever made me feel as calm as Whale Chine.


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